but investigators have been tight-lipped. will get the rest of the lottery money, but local lawmakers are making sure their message is not forgotten."We're letting Mayor Bloomberg and other know that until we really look at ways to solve inequality in New York City, Ariz. company takes about 10000 people a year to tennis tournaments all over world with Bernstein estimating more than half of his clients attend all four Grand Slams over the course of a decade A few try to do in all in one year but that’s rare because of the expense and time required he saidThe company’s typical client is someone in their early 50s who will spend about $2000 for a package deal but prices can range from $25 for a night session ticket at the US Open to $20000 for a couple who want a luxury experience at the Australian Open Bernstein noted“They all share the common denominator: they love the sport of tennis and they love to travel” he said “You can sit in your home and listen to a beautiful performance of the opera or you can actually go to the opera The difference is: there’s nothing like being there live”If you want to go it’s important to plan in advance You can buy face value tickets online for the the and the a few months before each event beginsAttending Wimbledon is trickier You can take your chances with a or l