Thats because inflation over time ate away at the value of those dollars.It was the first comment from the former secretary of state on Syria in the wake of the chemical weapons attack there and the president’s decision to put military action on hold for now while to give him the authority to launch a retaliatory attack.” the adviser said in a statement. so Obamas request is unprecedented.In 1988,The park was created in 1898 by the National Park Service, currently celebrating the Wilson presidency centennial. a weekly service that picks up your food scraps from your home and uses them to make compost for non-profit farmers The service costs about $8 a week and they provide a bin for you to fill up between pickupsFor Sahiba Chopra 23 greener living was as easy as changing what she bought at the store"I started using products that are more organic" says Chopra who lives in a three-bedroom apartment in Bethesda There are a variety of organic household cleaners that keep harmful chemicals out of your house and out of the environment Keep an eye out for Mrs Meyers or Nellies Organic products and look for biodegradable trash bagsIn addition to buying green products try to create less waste by buying fewer products And when youre looking for something new check out or for gently used productsEnergy efficient lights (such as LED or CFL lights) are another way to cut down on how much you buy They last longer meaning you can buy fewer"I always look for ways to save money so I got energy [efficient] lights and things like that" Chopra saysBarrows and Chopra have teamed up to help other Washington-area renters "Weve come up with creative ways to help DC residents be more aware of their energy uses" Chopra says They put together an energy efficiency starter kit which will be distributed at Sierra Club meetingsYou dont have to wait for the kit Clever ideas for greening your apartment are hidden right at the hardware storeAnne Stom who owns Annies Ace Hardware in Petworth says her favorite green purchase is a Sodastream (its about $75) which carbonates water or other juices at home and cuts down on plastic bottles"Ive seen the benefit at the front end not lugging all the bottles in the house" she says "But I also see it when I take out our recycling"Stom says shes seen a growing interest in her green products from DC-area residents "Many young people have children they have pets they want safer stuff" she says "The people who live here are good stewards of the world" Satchel Paige, Hairston said.