- Caroline thank you! Hope your friend found a nice dress? Judging by the aanizmg dresses I saw I don't doubt it for a second.Hi Kate! Thanks and yes I do. I shoot film as well as digital and try to use my vintage cameras as much as I can. :)Leonie thanks! I have some bottles left over so I may just use these for the next few weddings. It's about time I have everyone drinking out of branded bottles! :DStephanie! Thank you! I may be taking it really slowly coming off that sugar high by having small doses throughout my day. Cookies do not compare to cake pops, however. They were quite possibly the tastiest thing ever.Alexis we miss you too. :( It's like coming home from a school field trip. Except that we all went to bed earlier!Very happy we got to catch up. Definitely need to meet up soon! xOctober 12, 2011 1:03 am