I have lived in this town perhaps only a short time in csaomripon to many of my neighbors. I've only lived here a mere 22yrs. However I saw another group of citizens 10 years ago try to make a change in their local government.Before that I lived in Ted Kennedy's state of Massachusetts. A Blue state for as long as I can remember. But in the beginning of the year the unthinkable happened.People might think that the unthinkable cannot happen in Camden County or here in Pennsauken, but I believe it can.And it isn't to be malicious, it is because I have seen a lot of changes to this Twp in the short time Ive lived here. Some of it positive but most of it has been destructive to my property values. And I can tell you that my neighbors feel the same way. We have watched property values decrease, taxes increase and services disappear. It may not be the majority but I would expect that there be a level of respect for the people who are dedicated to the Township and to their neighborhood, it is a real shame to see that there are those who would be so small and so petty.I was one of those citizens 10 years ago, I wasn't discouraged then and I'm not discouraged now.